Pallet Trucks

deluxe pallet truckService Caster builds and distributes the largest catalog of casters and wheels, and supplies material handling equipment designed to keep your workflow rolling. Pallet trucks and pallet jacks meet commercial and industrial material handling needs.. Speak to a sales representative for further details or to address specific needs.Order with confidence from Service Caster.

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Popular Selections (pdf):Deluxe Pallet TrucksCPI Pallet TrucksCPII Pallet Trucks
4-Way/Hand Brake Pallet TrucksSpecialty Pallet Trucks


Industrial Pallet Truck and Pallet Jack Applications and Options

Pallet trucks are manufactured from a simple manual operation to jacks with powered mobility.

Certain models offer a choice on wheels, creasting a better user experience on various floor surfaces.

pallet ruck with hand brakeLowboy style pallet trucks optional.

4-way pallet trucks enable the user to enter a pallet from all 4 sides.

CPII Pallet truckStainless steel pallet jacks for use in the food industry or where corrosive solutions are used.

Models with long forks solve loading and safety issues with over-sized pallets.



Need Wheels? Service Caster supplies steer wheels and climb wheels for all models of pallet jacks and pallet trucks.