Bed Casters, Rollers and Wheels for Home and Institutional Use

Bed wheels, bed rollers, and bed casters manufactured by Service Caster Corporation can meet all of your bed mobility needs. All wheel styles, types, and brands for bed rollers built on-site. Guaranteed, we have the bed casters you need. Call to speak with a representative to select your bed wheels.


Selections for beds: Soft Rubber Twin Wheel Casters   •  Bed Hardware pdf


Please call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to order casters and wheels for beds or for detailed information. Our caster pros are ready to assist you in ordering.

Bed Caster and Bed Roller Applications

Bed RollerService caster manufactures bed wheels and bed rollers for home and institutional use, including hospital beds.

Replace existing casters, or add new casters to your bed at home. Raise the height of your bed and allow for easy movement for cleaning or adjustments.

Our bed wheels can be fine tuned for your specific application. We offer many tread types to fit your floor type including nylon, soft rubber, and polyurethane.

Nylon, Hard Rubber, and other hard treads will work best on soft surfaces like carpet, while polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber provide excellent non-marring treads for delicate surfaces like hardwood and laminate floors.

Brakes can also be added to our bed casters so that the bed remains more securely and safely in position.