Carpet Floor Casters and Wheels for Furniture

Casters designed to provide ease of movement and reduce carpet wear at home or office. Single and twin wheel models for carpets.

Buy casters for carpet from Our Online Store or call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to order casters for carpets, and for more information. Speak with one of our caster and wheel specialists to determine which carpet floor caster and wheel combination is perfect for you.

Carpet Floor Caster and Wheel Applications

Choose from models of carpet casters designed to roll over low pile or heavier shag styles. The most important factor is that the wheel is a hard material such as nylon or hard rubber. The second major consideration is the wheel diameter. Carpet casters should be as large as possible, to ease movement over the carpet pile. Four inch diameter wheels for chairs and furniture are available at Service Caster.

There is a wide array of connection types from grip ring, top plate, grip neck, and threaded stems.


Source II Nylon Hooded  Twin Wheel Casters

Nylon Hooded Twin Wheel

Stylish Source II caster for furniture, display units, utility carts, and equipment carts.

spherical wheel caster

Round or Spherical Wheel

Baron caster with decorative finish options for seating and furniture.

ultima nylon body caster

Twin Wheel Unhooded

Nylon body Ultima with nylon wheels, preferred for rolling on carpet. Models up to 4 inch diameter wheels.

twin wheel caster with brake

Hooded Die-cast

Decorative, yet durable Pacer twin wheel selection for home and office.

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