Cart Wheels and Casters for Home and Industry

Service Caster cart wheels designed and manufactured in all sizes and styles to meet your demands. Wheels for laundry and hotel carts to heavy duty industrial usage; we have what your job requires.

Call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to order cart wheels and casters or for more information and assistance or shop direct at our Online Caster Store.

Buy Rubbermaid cart casters at the Service Caster online store. Models for 4400 and 4500 series carts, and janitor carts.

Choose from our huge selection of casters, including over 200 name brands featuring our own product line. Cart Wheels available for all applications and environments.

Popular cart wheel and cart caster categories:

Lightweight cart wheelLightweight Equipment
Capacities to 160 lbs;
Housekeeping carts, light office and commercial carts and equipment.

Swivel cart caster with rubber wheelLight/medium Duty
Capacities to 300 lbs;
Uses include: dollies, stocking carts, equipment carts, and institutional equipment.

8 inch swivel caster with thermoplastic rubber wheelMedium/heavy Duty
Capacities to 1,250 lbs;
Uses include: dollies, trolley carts, platform trucks, food service carts and hotel equipment.

heavy duty cart castersHeavy Duty Casters
Capacities to 2,000 lbs;
Ideal for: heavy duty equipment, tow line carts, warehousing, mobile storage racks.

heavy duty kingpinless cart castersHeavy Duty Kingpinless Capacities to 7,000 lbs;
Hot forged steel design;
Wheels for all surfaces;
Large selection bearings

Green polyurethane on cast iron wheelPolyurethane on Cast Iron Capacities to 5,500 lbs;
Non-marking floor protection, easy rolling cart caster wheel.

Thermoplastic soft rubber wheelsThermoplastic Rubber
Soft rubber on polyolefin core. Non-marking. Ideal for food service and housekeeping carts.

phenolic cart wheelsPhenolic Wheels
Easy rolling,, high temperature models to 525° F. Recommended for bakery cart racks.

Polyurethane on polyolefin wheelPolyurethane on Poly
Non-marking, quiet rolling, resistant to water and petrol based fluids. Capacity to 1,150 lbs.

semi steel wheel for cartsSemi Steel Wheel
Ideal for factory flatbed carts and wherever a durable, rugged, high capacity model is needed.


Cart Wheels for All Industries and Applications

There are cart wheels for medical use, washable casters, and heavy duty industrial utility cart wheel casters. We also have lawn cart wheels for the homeowner or landscaper. Certain types of wheels have very specific uses such as the high temperature phenolic wheels which are good for areas where high heat might be an issue, or chemical resistant cart wheels if the environment contains chemicals that would be harmful to typical caster materials. Regardless of application or environment, Service Caster can fulfil your needs.

We supply laundry cart wheels, shopping cart wheels, and janitor and housekeeping cart casters. Also available for institutional use are food service cart wheels, medical cart wheels, and hospital cart casters. Features include: non-marking, quiet operation and easy rolling, all providing a positive workflow solution.

Most of the casters can be ordered with brakes of various types as well, from foot levers and switches to total locking (swivel and/or rolling.)