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Aerol ® Casters and Wheels Catalog by Service Caster

The products in the Aerol Caster catalog are available through Service Caster Corporation. Aerol casters and wheels include applications for aerospace, aviation, and heavy duty industrial environments, where spring loaded, shock-absorbing units are required.

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Popular Products from the Aerol Caster Catalog

These selections are just a small sampling of the offerings through Service Caster. When shock absorption is a concern, Aerol Casters provide several options for caster and wheel solutions.

Aerol casters

Aerol Dual 12-inch

Capacity - 2,000 to 6,000 lbs

Aerol single wheel caster

Aerol Single 10-inch

Capacity - 300 to 2,000 lbs

Aerol springloaded caster

Aerol Single 4-inch

Capacity - Up to 300 lbs