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Martin ® Wheels

The products in the Martin Caster catalog are available through Service Caster Corporation. Applications include casters and wheels for lawn furniture, barbecue grills, and golf carts. Martin wheels are also available for lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, hand trucks, construction equipment, wagons and carts.

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Popular Products from the Martin Wheel Catalog

Martin Wheels

Light Duty Wheels

Martin Wheels

Two Piece Pneumatic Wheels

Martin Wheels

Three Piece Pneumatic Wheels

Martin Wheels

Eliminator Wheels

Martin Wheels

Pneumatic Tires

Martin Wheels

High Speed Pneumatic Trailer Tires

Martin Light Duty Wheels: Used on many lawn furniture, cart, wagon, light duty hand truck, barbecue grill, trash container, golf cart, rotary mower and toy applications.

Martin Two Piece Pneumatic Wheels: All wheels come standard with zerk fittings. Two-piece split rims with integral hubs. Non-highway service. Ball bearing or bushing type.

Martin Eliminator Wheels: The No-Flat Wheel. Ideal for applications that require an "air cushioned ride, the longevity for a solid tire and the weight and feel of a pneumatic tire.