Master ® Casters by Service Caster

Master Caster catalog products are available at Service Caster Corporation.

The Master caster catalog includes replacement single and twin wheel chair casters, ball casters, and chair glides for home and office.

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Popular Products from the Master Caster Catalog

Available finishes include Antique Copper, Bright Brass, Matte Black and Bright Chrome. Other finishes: Bright Nickel, Black Oxide, Zinc, and Satin Chrome. Grip ring, grip neck, and threaded stems available in various sizes. Top plate fastener in square and rectangle configurations. Step on brakes for Standard, Mercury, and Duet models.

Standard Casters

Master caster standard model


2" single wheel caster, for use on all types of home or office furniture. Full hood or half hood available. 75 pound capacity limit per caster.


Twinstar Casters

Master twin wheel caster


A contemporary, twin wheel caster design, complementing all types of home or office furniture. 2 3/8" wheel diameter with weight capacity 100 pounds per caster.


Mercury Casters

mercury caster


A tapered 2 1/2" diameter single wheel caster designed for superior mobility on all floor surfaces. 75 pound weight capacity per caster.

Duet Casters

Duet twin wheel caster


Twin wheel caster with 2" diameter dual wheels for use on light to medium duty applications. Ideal for all types of home or office furniture. Weight capacity of 100 pounds per caster.

Superball Casters

superball caster


Superball casters are a decorative hooded ball caster with 2" vinyl wheel. Used on low pile carpeting, chair mats, and all hard floor surfaces. Weight capacity of 75 pounds per caster.

Futura Casters

futura caster


Stylish dual wheel caster with 2 3/16" wheels. 1 1/2" diameter neck fits 1 1/2" chair leg, forming a solid unit between chair leg base and caster. 100 pound weight capacity per caster.

Safety Series Casters

safety casters


Safety Brake Casters: Features internal brake preventing wheels from rolling freely when user stands. Effortless rolling while seated. 100 pound weight capacity per caster.

Reverse Brake Casters: Wheels are prevented from turning freely when user is seated. Movement is smooth when no weight is applied. Ideal for medical and drafting stools. Weight capacity 100 pounds per caster.

Welded Stem Base Casters

welded stem casters

Built for chairs with stems welded to the chair base. 2 3/16" diameter wheel accepts stems with dimensions of 3/8" diameter up to 1 5/16 " in length. 33mm diameter neck makes chair base and caster appear as one unit. Weight capacity 110 pounds per wheel.

3" Caster Wheels

three inch wheel caster

Features dual wheel styling with center housing for easier mobility.Wheels are 3" diameter. Choice of 7/16" or 3/8" stem diameter. 165 pound capacity per caster.

Bell Glides

bell glides


Convert office chairs with casters to stationary chairs without losing height. Stem sizes according to need. 110 pound weight capacity per glide.