Trew ® Industrial Wheels at Service Caster Corp.

The products in the Trew wheel catalog are available through Service Caster Corporation. Pallet rollers, Phenolic resin wheels, industrial drive wheels, and wheels for use in the automotive industry are among the offerings by Trew Wheels through Service Caster.

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Popular Products from the Trew Wheel Catalog


These selections are just a sampling of the offerings through Service Caster. Call 1-800-215-8220 or email for assistance.


TREW - Polyurethane Wheels on Cast Iron

TREW  - Polyurethane Wheels on Cast  Iron


Trew wheels constructed of polyurethane on cast iron are versatile and cost effective. Trew's polyurethane tread is liquid cast and chemically bonded to a Class 30 solid web cast iron center. The tread is resistant to many chemicals, offers floor protection, quiet, great load bearing, and is non-marking and non-sparking. Wheels have option to be equipped with a variety of bearings including easy rolling ball bearing. A large selection of sizes and bearing combinations available.

Ideal for industrial environments.

TREW - Polyurethane Wheels on Heavy Duty Iron

TREW  - Polyurethane Wheels on Heavy Duty Iron


Trew wheel treads are thicker than standard on these units and the cast iron centers are a heavier design. Designs are based on the very rigorous expectations of the automotive industry. The thicker treads provide more cushioning and greater load bearing capacity within certain parameters. The heavy duty construction of these wheels make them ideal for power towed applications. 70D polyurethane treads offered on all sizes listed for extreme capacities.

Tires are "liquid cast" polyurethane in either 1/2" or 1" thickness, chemically bonded to extra rugged centers. A durometer hardness 95A is standard.

Grease-packed precision tapered roller bearings are available in all sizes. Seals and lube fittings are standard with tapered roller bearings.

TREW - "Trew Glide™" Polyurethane Wheels on Iron with Precision Ball Bearings

TREW  - "Trew Glide™" Polyurethane Wheels on Iron with 
              Precision Ball Bearings


This TREW wheel model combines the durability and load bearing characteristics of polyurethane wheels with precision ball bearings, creating an easy rolling, low maintenance workhorse. The "sealed for life" precision grade ball bearings never need lubrication and the T-Bushing allows the user to tighten down the axle without constricting the inner race.

All wheel sizes available with a special compound effectively resisting debris.

TREW - Mold-on Rubber Wheels on Iron

TREW  - Mold-on  Rubber Wheels on Iron


TREW moldon rubber wheels for industry have nearly twice the military specifications for tensile strength. Its resiliency allows improved rollability and a degree of debris rejection. Rubber tired wheels offer excellent floor protection, quiet operation and a cushioned ride on rough floors. Standard tread is 70A hardness; also available in 90A extra hard, neoprene, and gray non-marking rubber.

Most wheel centers are solid webs providing greater strength and easier cleaning. Wheels are painted aluminum and fitted with grease fitting in sizes greater than 5".

Wheels with rubber treads are an excellent workplace choice where floors are rough or noise is an issue.

Trew's standard 70A Durometer rubber tread has an operating temperature range of -70°F to +160°F. Extra hard H-90 increases the operating temperature range to -40°F to +200°F. Neoprene is -60°F to +200°F.

TREW - "Trew Cast" Semi-Steel Wheels

TREW  - "Trew Cast" Semi-Steel Wheels


Cast from Class 30 cast iron, these solid web metal wheels are designed to hold up under severe conditions. TREW CAST™ Semi-Steel Wheels offer high load capacity and wide temperature range. Extreme shock can damage any cast iron.

Tapered and Ball Bearings: All sizes except 2 1/2: O.D. come equipped with grease fittings. Precision tapered and ball bearing are available with most sizes.

Flat Face / Crown Tread: Wheels are machined with flat face. Crown face is available as an option.

TREW - Drop Forged Steel Wheels

TREW  - Drop Forged Steel Wheels


For exceedingly abusive and heavy-duty applications, forged steel is the choice. The forging itself is nearly indestructible in any caster application. Durable forged steel wheels will often be the best value in the long run.

Standard Lube Fittings: All forged steel wheels come standard with lubrication fittings.

Grease Seals: Seals are standard on all tapered bearing wheels and are optional on roller bearing wheels.

Maximum Capacity: Capacities are limited by the bearing type and size.

Applications: heavy-duty applications

TREW -Solid Polyurethane Wheels

TREW  -Solid Polyurethane Wheels


TREW offers four types of wheels in solid polyurethane, providing economy, corrosion resistance, one piece construction and durability.

V-groove solid polyurethane wheels are designed as track wheels, ideal for being quiet, corrosion resistant and non-sparking. One solid piece of liquid cast urethane assures no tread separation

This model of wheels has a smooth design, minimizing potential bacterial contamination.