Rigid Casters for Easy Steering and Straight Tracking

Service Caster builds and sells rigid casters for a wide spectrum of uses. From light duty tasks to heavy industrial environments, we can supply you with the rigid casters you need for optimum steering.

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Rigid casters or fixed casters may be purchased in, light duty, medium light duty, heavy duty, to extra heavy duty industrial capacities. In general terms, the forks on lighter models are stamped as a one-piece fork and top plate combo, while medium duty units will have stamped forks welded to a top plate, and heavy duty selections will be constructed of steel stock welded to rugged top plates.

Rigid Caster Features and Options

Fixed casters are extremely useful for providing rolling in a fixed direction. The rigid caster is very simple in design, typically featuring a bracket style fork and top plate. It has no swiveling abilities, and will only easily roll forward or backward. Often times, 2 fixed casters are paired with 2 swivel casters. This allows the swivel casters to pivot and steer the application, while the two rigid casters keep it moving in an easily controllable manner. A common instance of this caster setup is on the shopping cart.

Fixed casters are a broad category of caster, and are available in many wheel types, sizes, and treads, including polyurethane, cast iron, hard and soft rubber, and phenolic. Brakes are optional on most models, as well as many different bearings to provide solid smooth rolling and long life.