Appliance, Refrigeration and Freezer Casters

Service Caster builds and supplies casters and wheels for all appliances and refrigeration units including major brands. Choose wheels for freezers, refrigerators and washing machines that roll easily and protect floors. We also provide casters for laundry room appliances such as washing machines and dryer.

Connection types include threaded stems and top plates.
Threaded stem models selected from our bolt hole series will be fitted with proper stem for your equipment. All sizes, both standard and metric.
Top Plate models
are also available in all sizes.

Refrigerator rollers make moving household appliances much easier. Clean behind washers and dryers without struggling or damaging floors.

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Freezer, Refrigerator and Appliance Caster Features and Options

Keep your freezer and other household or commercial appliances rolling with ease. Select wheels ideal for tile, vinyl, concrete, wood and carpeted floors. Polyurethane wheel treads are excellent for smooth quiet opoeration and floor protection. Polyurethane is also an excellent choice for epoxy floor finishes. Polyolefin, the standard for OEM, is a durable wheel, but may not be safe for all floors. Soft rubber treads also offer smooth quiet rolling along with protecting floors. Ask your sales contact about more tread choices.

Optional brakes can be purchased with your casters for added stability and security when movement is not required. Top lock, tread lock, and side lock brakes are all available to best suit your needs.