Office Chair Casters and Wheels for All Floors

Replacing Grip Ring Stem Casters


How to Measure Caster Stems

Service Caster offers 2 methods for making a purchase: buy select chair casters direct from our Online Store or call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to order office chair casters. Our on site caster specialists are here to assist you. How to measure casters for your office chair.

Solutions for both carpet and hardwood floors are available in a large selection of styles, types, and fasteners for chairs. Whether you need casters for new furniture, or replacing worn and broken casters, we can find the perfect model for you. OEM and manufacturers replacement models for Lane, Chromcraft, Broyhill, Ashley, Herman Miller, Staples and many more.

Office Chair Wheels and Casters Options

Service Caster manufactures and distributes many styles and brands of office chair casters and wheels, from single wheel and twin wheel to ball and hooded units. Available finishes include bright brass, chrome, windsor antique, and flat black. Fastener types for grip neck stems, grip ring stems, threaded stems, and top plates.

We have a large selection of wheel treads for matching floor surfaces. Casters designed for use on hardwood floors use a soft tread such as soft rubber or urethane. Carpet casters featuring a hard tread can be used on carpet or protective floor mats.


twin wheelsoft tread caster

Softech Soft Tread

Soft rubber tread in black or gray ideal for use on hardwood floors.

die-cast caster with brake

Pacer Die-cast Twin Wheel

Model with optional brake available in finishes to match your decor.

round wheel caster

Baron Spherical Wheel

Decorative caster in several designer finishes. Ball bearing swivel.

 Large Twin Wheel    Casters

Ultima Twin Wheel

Nylon wheels for carpet or floor safe Urethane tread. 2" through 4" models


single wheel caster

Single Wheel Regent

For seating and light equipment. Black rubber or Gray Thermoplastic Rubber.

 Unhooded Die Cast Twin Wheel Casters

Pilot Twin Wheel Die-cast

Sturdy metal caster assembly. Wheel treads for hard flooring or carpet.

 Nylon Hooded  Twin Wheel Casters

Source II Nylon Hooded

Nylon body and nylon wheel caster. Economy chair caster replacement.

Premium hooded single wheel caster

Omega Single Wheel

Excellent selection for chairs and light equipment. Floor safe Neoprene wheel.


metal tread ball caster

Metal Tread Ball Style

Dependable decorative caster for seating or furniture on carpeted floors.

soft tread ball caster with Windsor Antique finish

Soft Tread Ball Style

Ball caster suitable for harder surfaces. Available in Windsor Antique finish.

hooded single wheel caster

Monarch Hooded Caster

Reliable single wheel caster with hood, and large selection of treads.

Replacement Chair Hooded  Twin Wheel Casters

Chair Caster - Replacement

Stem measures 7/8 inch in length, 7/16 inch diameter.