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Castor is simply an alternative spelling for Caster, which is an unpowered wheel assembly designed to make moving various applications easier. Castors consist of a wheel, bearing, axle, fork, connection type, and may also use other optional components.

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Castor Applications

Castors are used on a wide variety of applications from mundane things such as shopping carts and chairs, to rocket dollies and rotating restaurants, and everything in between.

In the home, castors commonly find uses on furniture and appliances. We manufacture all sorts of home and office castors including specialized carpet, hardwood, and outdoor use castors.

Castors also have many uses in commercial and institutional environments. Clothes racks, carts, dollies, hospital beds, and bakery racks all take advantage of castors.

Industry and production businesses use a wide variety of castors, from light to extra heavy duty. Carts, tables, parts bins, flat trucks, machinery dollies, are just a few of the things castors can be used for.

Castors can be built to a specific applications needs. Chemical resistance, heat/cold resistance, weather resistance, and other desirable properties can be attained depending on the castor's use.

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