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Since its incorporation in 1993, Service Caster Corporation has become one of the largest caster and wheel companies in North America. We manufacture, assemble, and distribute casters worldwide from our location in West Reading, Pennsylvania. The Service Caster sales staff has over 100 years combined experience in assisting clients select, design, and integrate casters into any desired application. Choose casters and wheels from our extensive catalog of over 200 brands, including the Service Caster brand.


Good Friday Picnic 2012

Service Caster took time off on Good Friday to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with a picnic lunch. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and deep fried fresh cod starred on the menu. Football tossing and frisbee throwing ensued while other folk took the time to relax and chat.


Service Caster Corporation Assists in Rehab of Desert Tortoise

Service Caster Corporation received a call for help from California. The adoption team at the SF Valley Chapter of California Turtle & Tortoise Club had a Desert Tortoise in need of aid during recovery.

Desert tortoise on castersThis particular tortoise, now named Reaper(once Speedy), had escaped from an enclosure where he was housed, and got stuck in a crawlspace under the dwelling where he lived. Somehow, for the better part of 9 months Reaper was stuck, trapped there. Finally freeing himself, the tortoise emerged severely dehydrated, malnolurished, and had great difficulty locomoting.

Unfortunately, this time period spent under the house and steadily working to free himself, left Reaper with multiple problems. He has returned to eating well, but has trouble walking, most likely due to "neurological or tendon and ligament damage." During the escape process he had also ground his toenails to mere stubs.

Reapers' road to recovery includes exercise and the ability to get around. The staff at CTTC fitted Reaper onto a skateboard of sorts. The solution seemed to pose another problem. Now his feet were just too far from the ground to comfortably move himself along. None of the casters or wheels in the retail stores would solve the dilemma of how to get Reaper's new ride closer to the ground.

It was then that Karen Berry, a member of the Adoption team reached out to the Service Caster team for help. Not only did the folks at Service Caster have an idea for casters, they assembled a new "skateboard" complete with low profile wheels. The new lightweight board was then sent cross country to CTTC for testing. This donation has enabled Reaper to become more easily mobile and provides an opportunity to aid in facilitating a full recovery.

Karen had updated Service Caster with news that Reaper is getting used to not working as hard to take steps. Like any person dealing with rehab, he has good days and those that are not as good. Her hope is that the tortoise will regain a normal walking rhythm and subsequently a normal tortoise life. The Service Caster family shares in her hopes and wishes Reaper the best while recovering.


Holiday Fun!

Christmas Gallery 2011

This past Christmas 2011, the Service Caster family met at GNA Restaurant for an afternoon of holiday cheer. Refreshments, along with delicious pizza and tasty wings were served. Great fun was had by all during the Secret Santa portion of the festivities.



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