Flanged Track Wheels - Single and Double Flange Wheel

Service Caster Corporation designs, manufactures, and distributes flanged wheels with single and double flanges. Flanged wheels are designed to withstand industrial applications at both floor and overhead levels. Models available for new applications and as replacement track wheels.

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Single and Double Flanged Wheel Applications

The single flanged wheel is designed to roll both on a track or rail, maintaining controlled mobility. A double flanged wheel performs well when accurate tracking is desired. This can be advantageous for controlling workflow as well as getting loads up off of the floor. Flange wheels can handle a variety of industrial, institutional, and commercial environments and applications including kilns, ore carts, mining carts, and railroad carts.

Overhead crane wheels are often a flanged model, providing safe, easy rolling with and without load. Consult with our sales engineers for the proper track wheel regarding your crane and material handling equipment.

Flanged wheel casters can be made to handle extreme weight capacities, providing your industry with the perfect wheel and caster setup.

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