Shopping Cart Wheels and Grocery Cart Wheels

Service Caster Corporation builds and distributes shopping cart wheels and casters in all types and sizes. New and replacement shopping cart or grocery cart wheels for interior and exterior applications.

For information and assistance in purchasing shopping cart wheels, please call toll free 1-800-215-8220 and speak to our sales pros.

5" Shopping Cart Wheel ReplacementReplacement 5" Shopping Cart Caster

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Featuring zinc plating for preventing corrosion our shopping cart wheel units have sealed, hardened, heat treated raceways and yoke assemblies. Sealed wheel bearings for enhanced protection from dust, dirt, and weather.

Casters and wheels for grocery and shopping carts are available with special features, such as anti-static, and self-deceleration.

Existing grocery carts in need of grocery cart caster replacement can be made to roll like new.

Speak to a caster and caster wheel sales rep for assistance in choosing the correct model for your application.



Most Popular Style and Sizes
Bearing Capacity
4 Polyurethane 1 Ball 165 4-11/16 1-1/8
4 Polyurethane 1-1/4 Ball 250 4-15/16 1-1/4
5 Polyurethane 1-1/4 Ball 250 5-7/8 1-5/8