Heavy Duty Casters For All Applications

Heavy Duty Casters are built to handle the stress of high capacities and rugged treatment, no matter what the intended application. Service Caster sells heavy duty casters for home and office settings as well as the most extreme industrial settings and everything in between.

The rating of a caster is truly determined by the needs of the application. For chairs and home furniture, a heavy duty caster would have to hold up to 125 pounds per caster. For something industrial, a heavy duty caster might hold 1,200 to 20,000 pounds capacity each, and able to handle shock loading. Take a look at some of our casters below to get an idea of what heavy duty casters your application might call for.

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We are also a global supplier of heavy duty wheels.

Popular Heavy Duty Caster Categories

Series 30 Heavy Duty Casters

Series #30 Heavy Duty Casters
Capacities to 1,200 Pounds

Series 93 Kingpinless Casters

Series #93 Heavy Kingpinless
Capacities to 20,000 Pounds

Spring Loaded Shock Resistant Casters

Springloaded Shock Casters
Protect Load and Caster

Dual Wheel Casters

Dual Wheel Casters
Double the Workload

Tracked V Groove Casters

V Groove Wheel Casters
Track and Trackless Use

Heavy Duty Flanged Wheel Casters

Flanged Wheel Casters
Controlled Track Operation

heavy duty furniture casters

Heavy Duty Furniture Casters
Capacities to 175 Pounds Each

We are custom caster design engineers; orders built to spec. Speak to our sales team for further information.

Options and Features for Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy Duty caster wheels treads are selected based not only by capacity, but floor surface, expected temperatures, and need for ease of movement.

Wheel bearing selections are chosen by taking in factors such as handling of lateral stress, extreme temperatures, and higher rolling speeds.

Heavy duty casters also have various options for brakes. Many models feature 4-position swivel lock notches on the lower raceway, enabling fixed direction rolling.

Grease fittings are inserted into swivel raceways and wheel mounts ensuring ease of maintenance on most models.