Industrial Casters for All Applications

Service Caster manufactures casters to meet all capacity and environmental demands. We design and build casters to specifications demanded by industry. Industrial casters are available from stock catalog designs, plus special custom orders.

Please call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to purchase industrial casters and for assistance from our caster and wheel engineers with over 100 years combined experience.

We specialize in B2B, OEM, and orders of any size.

Green polyurethane on cast iron wheelDual Wheel Casters Increased capacities over standard models. Many wheel choices.

High Temperature Phenolic WheelHigh Temperature
High temperature tolerance allows for baking, autoclave, and extreme temperature use.

heavy duty cart castersFlanged Track Wheels
Flanged wheel casters for use on tracks. Single and double flanges

heavy duty kingpinless cart castersV-Groove Casters
V-groove wheels provide both tracked and non-tracked rolling options.

garden cart wheels
Series 20 Light Duty

Light duty casters for industrial use. Ideal for carts, dollies, and trolleys.

Metal Wheel CasterSeries 30 Medium & Heavy Duty
Medium and heavy duty casters offer great versatility and wheel selection.


Industrial casters can be used on many different applications such as welding tables, tool carts, storage racks, machinery wheels, or anywhere a serious duty caster is needed. Overhead cranes and material handling equipment benefit from flanged and grooved wheel casters.

Service Caster is the premier manufacturer of custom made casters, thinking outside of the catalog to ensure the proper design for your specifications.

Industrial Caster Options

Industrial casters can be assembled featuring a wide variety of wheels and wheel treads. Materials such a polyurethane on steel or aluminum, phenolic in regular and high heat versions, cast iron, semi steel, ductile steel are among the many options.

Caster wheel bearing options can be selected depending on your application. From rolling bearings to tapered precision bearings, we can build to your specifications.

Choose from a variety of caster brakes and floor truck locks to stabilize your castered equipment..