Locking Casters and Caster with Brakes

There is a vast selection of caster models that feature a brake or have caster brakes as an option. Depending on caster model, there are side lock brakes, top lock brakes, and posi-lock brakes available as standard or optional features.

The term locking caster can refer to any one of several methods in which a caster is "locked." Service Caster provides a variety of locking casters, satisfying any of your caster application needs.

Total lock brakes provide a system for simultaneously locking both the wheel and the swivel on swivel caster models.

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Caster Brakes

Within the various brake types there are still further considerations. Although the brake pedal is on the side of the caster assembly, this does not indicate a side locking caster. A side lock applies pressure against the caster fork, which in turn prohibits the wheel from freely rotating. Whereas another brake pedal located on the side of the caster causes a plate to apply pressure to the tread of the caster wheel, once again prohibiting free turning of the wheel.

Position Locks or Swivel Locks

4-position swivel lock demonstration

Position locks, also referred to as swivel locks, require the caster to have a swivel. Normally, the upper raceway of the swivel has notches allowing for a pin to be inserted. This pin when inserted allows the swivel caster to then function as if rigid.

This locking mechanism is desired to allow for straight rolling in a desired direction. The norm is a 4-position lock, although other combinations are available