Plastic Wheels and Plastic Caster Wheels

Phenolic resin wheelsThe term "Plastic Wheels" encompasses a wide variety of synthetic wheel materials. Plastic wheels might refer to Polyurethane wheels, Nylon wheels, glass-filled Nylon, Polyolefin Wheels, Phenolic resin wheels, and perhaps a hard rubber wheel could appear to be made of plastic. Wheel treads can be polyurethane, urethane, or rubber over other various materials, such as cast iron, aluminum, and polyurethane.

polyurethane on cast iron core wheelThese are just examples, and not the full listing of possibilities. Please consult with a Service Caster sales rep for your application requirements. All sizes, styles, types and brands of plastic caster wheels supplied at Service Caster.


TIP: Sending a caster or wheel image through email or via cell phone may enhance the ordering process. Broken or sample caster wheel may be sent to Service Caster for identification purposes.


Plastic Wheel Applications

Nylon wheePlastic wheels and other plastic-like composite wheels serve a vast array of applications. The small nylon caster wheels on a desk chair, Polyurethane wheels with a cast iron core on a commercial cart, Phenolic high temperature wheels on a bakery rack, and hard rubber on a parts cart are examples of plastic wheel versatility.

Plastic wheels have several options for bearings, providing optimum rolling and user experience based on application.


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