Replacement Chair Casters by Service Caster

Available online at Service Caster Corporation in all sizes, models and brands. Order casters featuring wheels ideal for all floor surfaces. Looking for metric sizes? Speak with our sales pros..


Service Caster offers 2 methods for making a purchase:

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Call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to order chair casters and for assistance.

How to Measure Your Existing Caster Stem

Tip: Send us a picture of your caster via email or ship the unit to assist in choosing the correct replacement chair caster.

How to install a threaded stem caster demonstration→


Replacement Chair Caster Applications

Examples of applications in which replacement chair casters are ideal include, office chairs, chairs and furniture in the home, ottomans, and dollies.

Chair casters may be selected with different finishes, including bright chrome, metalized brass, Windsor Antique, and flat black. Wheel materials designed for specific floor surfaces, ensuring a wheel that rolls easily and does no damage to floors. Hardwood floors require a softer chair caster wheel, while carpet would utilize harder materials.


Source II Nylon Hooded  Twin Wheel Casters

Nylon Hooded Twin Wheel

Stylish Source II caster for furniture, display units, utility carts, and equipment carts.

spherical wheel caster

Round or Spherical Wheel

Baron caster with decorative finish options for seating and furniture.

twin wheel caster with brake

Hooded Die-cast
Twin Wheel

Decorative, yet durable Pacer twin wheel selection for home and office.

Replacement Chair Caster Options

The replacement chair casters can be ordered with specific options to meet your needs. Bearing options dependent on usage are available. Casters can also be ordered with various styles of brakes, including compression and decompression brakes which automatically brake when weight is applied or eased.

Replacement chair casters meet all requirements for tread types, finishes, and designs. Connection types for any fit, including grip ring, top plate, grip neck, and threaded stem.