Scaffold Casters and Scaffold Wheels

Service Caster Corporation designs, assembles, and distributes scaffold casters and scaffold wheels, keeping your scaffolding units mobile. In addition to keeping the workflow rolling, scaffold casters may be equipped with brakes for solid non-rolling stability. Speak to a caster and wheel pro for all sizes, brands and requirements for your scaffold wheel and caster needs.


Call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to purchase scaffold wheels and for assistance.


Scaffold Caster Applications

Scaffold casters perform well for scaffolding and many other applications. Also suitable for floodlight stands, moveable platforms, and motion picture equipment.

Scaffold caster wheel sizes and weight capacities meet the requirements for any situation where scaffold and platform units need to be mobilized.

Grease fittings standard on certain scaffolding caster wheel models.



Click to purchase scaffold casters.

Click to purchase scaffold casters.



For more sizes and styles not listed, please call 1-800-215-8220