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Offering a wide range of casters and wheels from light duty to heavy duty, swivel casters, kingpinless casters, and pneumatic. These selections are just a segment of our huge online catalog. View wheels and caster parts.

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Series 20 Casters

Series #20

Light - Medium Duty to 300 Pounds

Series 25 Casters

Series #25

Business Machine Casters

Series 30 Casters

Series #30

Heavy Duty to 1,200 Pounds

Series 35 Casters

Series #35

Capacities to 1.500 Pounds

Series 50 Casters

Series #50

Heavy Duty Drop Forged 1,600 Pounds

Series 55 Casters

Series #55

Heavy Duty Cold Forged 1,800 Pounds

Series 60 Caster

Series #60

Heavy Drop Forged to 2,000 Pounds

Series 90 Caster

Series #90

Capacities to 3,500 Pounds

Series 91 Caster

Series #91

Kingpinless to 6.000 Pounds

Series 92 Caster

Series #92

Kingpinless to 7,000 Pounds

Series 93 Caster

Series #93

Kingpinless to 20.000 Pounds

Series 94 Caster

Series #94

Kingpinless to 40,000 Pounds

Series 100 Caster

Series #100

Pneumatic Wheel Casters

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