Trolley Wheels and Casters

Service Caster manufactures and supplies trolley wheels and casters for new and replacement applications. Wheels for all trolley trucks, trolley carts, and trolleys for material handling. Call to speak with a representative to select your wheels.


General Duty CasterQuality general duty casters for trolleys.

Swivel caster with rubber wheelSwivel Casters with hard and soft rubber wheels.

swivel caster with polyurethane wheelCasters featuring thread guards to prevent binding from debris.

Polyurethane CasterHeavy duty casters for superior capacity and strength performance.

Polyurethane Top Lock Brake CasterBraking and locking casters for convenience and stability.


Please call 1-800-215-8220 to order casters and wheels for trolleys, dollies and carts. For more information and assistance call or email


Trolley Caster Wheel Options

The caster wheels used for a trolley vary depending on your task and flooring surface. Nylon, Neoprene, Soft Rubber, Hard Rubber, Phenolic, Polyurethane, Metal, and many more tread types are available.

These casters can be configured to handle a variety of environments and tasks. Inform your sales rep of any extreme conditions aimed at your equipment.

Trolley wheels and trolley caster wheels can be fitted with several types of bearing and brake options ensuring proper operation of the caster.

Trolley caster connection types available in grip ring stem, top plate, threaded stem, and grip neck stem.