V-Groove Wheels at Service Caster

V groove wheels designed and manufactured to meet all your track and rail caster needs. Solutions for raising workloads off the floor as well as controlling workflow. Wheel selection includes polyurethane, phenolic, cast iron, semi steel and steel. Stainless also available.

Order direct from the Service Caster Online Store or call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to order v groove wheels and casters. For pricing and availability on models not shown, and for any additional information, we are here for you!

V-Groove Wheel, Caster, and Roller Applications

The V-Grooved wheel is designed to roll both on flat surfaces as well as on a track. This can be advantageous for controlling workflow as well as getting loads up off of the floor. Many V-Groove wheel casters are made to handle high weight capacities, so your industry can get the perfect wheel and caster setup as required.

Service Caster also manufactures Ductile V-Groove wheels, for applications that will be under heavy shock and stress. These wheels will provide more strength than standard cast iron or other materials, allowing the wheel to better absorb heavy shock.

These wheels can handle a variety of environments and situations thanks to their availability in various metals - steel, cast iron, and ductile - as well as phenolic compositions. Heavy duty cast iron v grooved wheel pictured above for industrial use.

V-Groove caster wheels can be fitted with several types of wheel bearings - e.g. Delrin, precision, straight, tapered - and side lock brakes ensuring the desired performance.