Hamilton ® Casters and Wheels for Heavy Duty Usage

Hamilton caster and wheel capacities range from 120 lbs to 20,000 lbs. Most of the Hamilton casters are stocked at the factory for quick shipment in 24-48 hours (presented in red typeface with asterisk in store).

Hamilton features Industrial and heavy duty casters with solutions for requirements in all environments. Dual wheel casters, stainless steel casters, v-groove wheels and casters, and flanged wheel models, along with standard heavy duty models lead the way providing industry with reliable mobility options.

The Hamilton catalog also features a full line of industrial trucks and trailers for material handling.

Shop Hamilton casters and wheels from the selections below or call toll free 1-800-215-8220 to place an order and receive assistance from a caster and wheel expert, or email info@servicecaster.com.


Shop Online - Hamilton Casters

extra heavy duty casters

Extra Heavy and Super Duty
Capacity Range: 840 - 40,000 lbs.
For the toughest of applications.

kingpinless casters

Kingpinless Casters
Capacity Range: 300 to 10,000 lbs.
Heavy duty series utilizing precision swivels.

heavy duty hamilton casters

Heavy Duty Casters
Capacity Range: 300 - 4000 lbs.
Premium forged steel casters

pneumatic casters hamilton

Pneumatic and Semi Pneumatic
Capacity Range: 300 - 7000 lbs.
Providing shock absorption - quiet operation.

medium duty hamilton casters

Medium Duty Casters
Capacity Range: 200 - 1500 lbs.
Industrial - stamped metal components.

track casters hamilton

Track Wheel Casters
Capacity Range: 325 - 16,500 lbs.
Higher capacities -floor protection.

light duty hamilton casters

Light Duty Casters
Capacity Range: 120 - 400 lbs.
Industrial light duty casters.

stainless steel casters hamilton

Stainless Steel Casters
Capacity Range: 240 - 1600 lbs.
Corrosive or sanitary environments.

floor locks

Floor Locks and Hardware
Floor locks prevent castered equipment from
accidentally rolling.

shock absorbing casters hamilton

Shock Absorbing Casters
Capacity Range: 140 - 1630 lbs.
Reduce noise - protect cargo and caster.


Shop Online - Hamilton Wheels

poly wheels

Polyurethane Wheels
Capacity Range: 475 - 9000 lbs.
Floor protection and quiet operation.

metal wheels hamilton

Metal Wheels
Capacity Range: 250 - 23,000 lbs.
Highest capacity and tensile strength.

plastic wheels

Plastic Wheels
Capacity Range: 200 - 10,000 lbs.
Easy rolling, economical, chemical resistant.

pneumatic casters hamilton

Pneumatic Wheels
Capacity Range: 300 - 4200 lbs.
Work well on rough and uneven surfaces.

medium duty hamilton casters

Track Wheels
Capacity Range: 380 - 16,000 lbs.
Higher capacities - floor protection

track casters hamilton

Super Duty Press-on Wheels
Capacity Range: 2500 - 14,400 lbs.
Solid tires chemically bonded to steel rims.

medium duty hamilton casters

Rubber Wheels
Capacity Range: 200 - 3000 lbs.
Rugged, long wearing wheels.


caster autocad

Download AutoCAD® Drawing Files of desired caster or wheel for incorporating into your design. Keep downloaded file on hand to build into your specifications.


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